Dear Friends & Loyal Customers,

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Today begins the new chapter for Butterfly Wallet that I've been working toward for a long time...

Butterfly Wallet is now part of a new company called Urban Ultralight.

Many of you have asked if we'll keep the original Butterfly Wallet line alive. The answer has always been and still is "YES"

And Urban Ultralight will also provide a full range of ultralight, functional products for mobile nomads and people who love to get things done without a car.

To celebrate the new Urban Ultralight webstore, I want to share these two great offers:

Here's just one of many beautiful new products you'll see when you get the new store...

NOTE - This is a global offer -- enjoy the new Urban Ultralight wherever you live...

Thank you for your support of Butterfly Wallet. I look forward to continuing the journey with you at our new store!

Best regards,

Mark Winstein
Founder & Designer
Butterfly Wallet ... and now Urban Ultralight!

PS - if for some reason your discount doesn't work for you, simply enter the coupon code UUGRANDOPENING at checkout.

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