Are you looking for an ultra-light, ultra-skinny wallet?

Back in 2006, I wanted to ditch my big heavy leather wallet for something that wouldn’t weigh me down and make my shorts fall off. Something more functional and stylish than a rubber band or wallet made of tyvek or duct tape.

I figured with all the ultralight gear out there, there must be an ultralight wallet for people like me who prefer to walk, hike, ski, bike, and backpack than sit in a car. Nope!

After searching for months, I finally decided to sew up exactly what I wanted. I bought some bright yellow nylon, grabbed my wife’s sewing machine and made Version 1. Then I called it a day. But when I took out my wallet to buy things at the grocery store, people started asking me “Where can I get one for myself?”

So many people wanted one, I decided to get a small batch made up. I showed them to the owner of our small-town gear shop. He bought a few, and pretty soon he was reordering!

In 2009, I made a whirlwind west cost tour to sign up dealers. Along the way, I met these two nice folks at a hot spring in California (of course). See the video above… They were pretty excited to see the Butterfly Wallet in action…

Since then, I’ve done a lot of field testing and made a bunch of design improvements. Now you can find the Butterfly Wallet in stores around the world!

It’s really different – the Butterfly Wallet weighs less than a U.S. quarter and is just 3mm thick when empty. And I made them in fun colors. But hey, if you like black, we’ve got that too!

It turns out women like them too because they fit in tight pants and small purses. What did I know?

Try one today – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Mark Winstein
Moscow Idaho – USA

lime butterfly wallet violet butterfly wallet
red butterfly wallet black butterfly wallet

Jun 11, 2014 by F

Diseño y material de calidad, y barata!
La cartera es muy cómoda y tiene una gran capacidad, le he añadido una goma para mayor seguridad.
Si tuviera un elástico que evitara la salida accidental de tarjetas sería perfecta!!!
Muchas gracias!
Quality design and good material , and cheap!
The wallet is very comfortable and has a great capacity, I have added a rubber band for safety.
If It had a elastic band to avoid accidental output of cards it would be perfect!
Thank you very much!


Jun 02, 2014 by Leonardo Tsuda

I bought 5 ButterflyWallet and I received only in 8 day and I'm from Brazil. The wallet is very small and fits all my cards, the material is also great. Now that I'm using this wallet, I always feel that I forgot to get my wallet at home hahaha. I recommend this product !

Great product

Apr 28, 2014 by Andrew Breithaupt

Bought one with a buddy. Best wallet ever, always checking to make sure its even in my pocket because it's so slim. Buying both my sons and another buddy one now!!!

Best wallet I've ever had

Apr 15, 2014 by Steve Johnson

It's early days, but so far, this is the best wallet I've ever owned. I was a bit skeptical about the look and the quality, but there was no need as it's a great little wallet.

And it is little too! I thought I had a small wallet before, but this one is even smaller.

I don't store cash in the wallet, but I have plenty of cards and a few coupons and they're all tucked away nicely and are all easy to get too.

Thanks for a great product at a great price!



Jan 24, 2014 by Marko Koskenoja

I just bought 3 Butterfly wallets in different colours. A black one for everyday use and a red one for the outdoors and in my pack where I can easily find it. They are a terrific design-exactly what I was looking for. I fit my 3 plastic cards, paper money and a few business cards in the wallet-super slim and compact. My wife loves the sky-blue one I gave here as well.

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